Disruptive Technologies Create the Perfect Storm in the For Purpose Sector

Disruptive Technologies Create the Perfect Storm in the For Purpose Sector

I was reading the McKinsey Report – McKinsey: The $33 Trillion Technology Payoff “A gallery of disruptive technologies” – and thinking these disruptive technologies can create a perfect storm in the For Purpose (= NFP) sector.

Mobile Internet

Smartphone penetration in Australia will reach 84% by the end of 2013.

  • It’s amazing when using public transport – everyone is on a mobile device!
  • How common is it that people are surfing and scanning their mobile devices whilst watching TV, sport etc.
  • This is not just the domain of the younger generation – think of the liberation for us 50+ and increasingly and importantly those with a disability and the disadvantaged who can have their world opened up.

Then further the latest research says that 64% of smartphone owners are now using their mobile devices to shop online, a number that has quadrupled since June 2010.

Putting this all together there is a tremendous opportunity that For Purpose organisations have to ride this wave – to utilise existing, simple to use, fit for purpose supporter engagement/donor management systems to drive.

Automation of Knowledge Work

Social Impact, Measuring Impact, Collective Impact are the buzz words that are accompanying the NDIS.

Another great opportunity in the For Purpose sector is to utilise technology to not only simplying and streamline the capture of information or “touch-points” but to turn this into impact based reporting for funders. The Mobile Internet again plays an important enabling role in reducing the cost and complexity of traditional applications in this space.

Over the coming weeks I will share some stories, case studies and potential risks based on what’s possible in the here and now.


The KURINGGAI CHASE – a run for a cause.

The KURINGGAI CHASE – a run for a cause.

At the beginning of last year I got together with Barry Easy OAM and we formed an idea to create a local fun run and walk that would bring together the community that supported the Special Olympics Upper North Shore program. Backed by Barry’s great vision and experience I took up chairing the organising committee and was quickly joined by my son Josh on the committee, looking after event operations. The event is on the 17th March at North Wahroonga – less than 2 weeks to go!

The KURINGGAI CHASE helps raise awareness and much needed funds to continue to:

  • Run our weekly schools program where we encourage and assist children with an intellectual disability to take the first steps to participate and become active in sport.
  • Our weekly sports program that provides the 1 on 1 coaching needed to build confidence and develop the skills for greater independence.
  • Provide pathways for competition or to simply participate in regular sport to promote an active, healthy lifestyle and a feeling of belonging as part of the local community.

Belinda Loves to Run is just one story of the difference the programs make.

The program not only provides great outcomes as described above for our kids, but for young adults like my daughter Kate, it provides an important opportunity to maintain and develop friendships and independence – Kate finished school last year and as well as doing job placements has started working as a volunteer coach for the schools program which is pretty cool. That’s Kate in the picture – on the far left.

I hope you can assist in some way by participating, by sponsoring my family team, the “Sydney Simmo’s” or Liking us on Facebook.

We have used the best possible technology for Not For Profits from Blackbaud for this event in Everyday Hero Peer2Peer fundraising and eTapestry CRM.


To register or find more information please go to www.kuringgaichase.com.au.

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Support Those Who Support a Great Cause!

Support Those Who Support a Great Cause!

Support Those That Support Us!

I have discovered organising an event like the KURINGGAI CHASE Walk and Run for Special Olympics Sydney Upper North Shore takes an enormous amount of support!! But how rewarding it is to be able to interact people people who encourage, inspire, support, volunteer, provide ideas and the financial support to dream big.

Taking this event from an idea to reality has required all this … the vision for this event was to:

  • Increase awareness and membership of SOUNS
  • Build and enhance partnerships in the community
  • Raise funds for the programs activities
  • Provide an opportunity for Special Olympics Athlete’s to actively demonstrate their love of sport, community and leadership
  • Become a well-recognised, well-run and well-respected local community event for many years to come.

When we presented this to our major partners they took the time to understand, to care and to get involved in the cause knowing that it would make a difference.

The program costs over $300,000 to run – 2 sports coordinators, 88 coaches and 170 volunteers all run by a professional, volunteer committee – ALL funding is self-generated by the region. Administration represents less than 4% of our costs and represents the stationary, internet etc. required for our sport coordinators to work from their home offices. The program is all about the athlete’s!

So…. again Support Those That Support Us!



It’s been a while since I’ve done a post – have been settling into Blackbaud Pacific – very excited about working for an organisation that does such great work for Not For Profits.

In April last year I took up the role as Chairman of the Formation Organising Committee for what has become the KURINGGAI CHASE. Barry Easy OAM, who started the local Special Olympics movement in Australia, had a vision to create a local Fun Run & Walk that would bring together the community connections that had developed around the grass roots Special Olympics program on the North Shore of Sydney – I quickly shared his vision.

The inaugural event is being held on the 17th March 2013 in the streets surrounding Golden Jubilee Field in North Wahroonga – only 8 weeks away.

My daughter Kate has benefited greatly from Special Olympics- I don’t need to explain the benefits of involvement in sport and I believe the impact on self-esteem, confidence and friendships is often amplified for those with special needs.

The event directly supports the grass roots work of Special Olympics in our local region:

  • 250 athletes participating weekly in 12 sports across 40 locations
  • 365 students participating over the course of the year in a weekly motor skills program
  • We help connect and achieve positive outcomes in 7 special schools, 3 special needs units in mainstream schools and 7 private schools that provide student volunteers (who gain so much from their involvement they keep coming back)
  • The schools program is critical in providing encouragement and belief, to the kids and parents/carers alike, that people with an intellectual disability CAN participate and CAN benefit from sport

The program costs over $300,000 to run – 2 sports coordinators, 88 coaches and 170 volunteers all run by a professional volunteer committee – ALL funding is self-generated by the region. Administration represent less than 4% of our costs and represents the stationary, internet etc. required for our sport coordinators to work from their home offices.

So… how can you help us.

Our objective is to get to $70,000 funds raised. This would put this event on the map to be a major event on the local calendar for many years to come – and providing so many great community connections.

All the best and thanks for reading this far!

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It seems that many users say they get little value from their company’s CRM.

This topic tends to polarise peoples thinking – perhaps the fact many organisation do get little value has been proliferated by the “CRM is easy – getting it up and running is a snap – no software – just log onto the cloud and have a crack – you can do most of it yourself” messaging. This might be the case for experienced hands but for the inexperienced that lack guidance, its no wonder CRM gets a bad wrap.

So are there better ways that will deliver consistently GREAT value from CRM?

I’ve never had a CRM which helps me with this …Best Practice Process… though – they are all too rigid, demand too much time and deliver too little insight.

A good CRM design will deliver more time to adopt and apply best practice methodologies which in turn will provide more accurate forecasts and improved outcomes.

A scenario based on the CustomerCentricSelling approach would go – use champion letters 100% of the time to document conversations on goals, roadblocks to achieving, impact of not achieving, mission or capabilities required and the potential impact. Emailing this after meetings/discussions and using email integration means these summaries get automatically logged into the CRM. As the process progresses these are quickly and easily consolidated into a Summary of Findings which again get attached to the CRM opportunity as a by-product of emailing.

With some discipline in updating opportunities/proposals the CRM provides everything at users finger tips to streamline meeting and presentation preparation, proposal generation and to manage next steps and progression.

Good design goes hand in hand with good process – but don’t over complicate it.

Current CRM seems to be used an historical recording system that requires too much effort from too many people.

Traditionally CRM was about entering information – whilst there still needs to be a commitment to enter accurate information the ability use workflow, action tracks, business process management – call it what you will – streamlines basic processes and improves communication across the organisation. This can save a lot of time on the basic tasks freeing people up to do what they love doing and are paid to do – and to help motivate. It also keeps finance, marketing and management happy as a result. It’s simple but it’s not easy – it requires GREAT design and guidance from experienced people.

CRM is only as good as the design that MUST be a priority at the beginning of every CRM project – led by those experienced in successful CRM outcomes in a specific sector.

Too many implementations miss this and a symptom is that it is of little value and used for historical record keeping.

However with good design, CRM can streamline processes, improve communications and leverage a broader set of relationships that adds value to the whole organisation.

Ultimately it can help people do the right things at the right time to achieve an outcome – in less time.

“It Reminds You Of How Much Potential There Is In The World” Charlie Pickering

“It Reminds You Of How Much Potential There Is In The World” Charlie Pickering

Maree, Josh, Kate and I were recently humbled to be asked to participate in a segment on Merry Makers Australia which was seen on the 27th September on The Project.

We have always been fans of The Project – positive, funny and caring – the team who did the segment were no different. They told the story of the Merry Maker journey that we feel so fortunate to be a part of. To hear Charlie at the end of the story say “it reminds you of how much potential there is in the world” was amazing – words that will stay with us.

Thanks to Mike Clayton – we are so glad you found enough “good bits – lol” and thanks so much for capturing the essence of the message  about the wonderful work Lucinda Bryant keeps doing with all of the Merry Makers.

Greg, Maree, Joshua, Kate and Charlie

You just gotta ignite the light and let it shine

You just gotta ignite the light and let it shine
As parents we are often told … “don’t expect too much”
As parents “it’s difficult …, hard … but it’s amazing how far she has come”
We see our children “put everything into it”
And we conclude … “I’ve taken off that idea that there is some limit on her as she continually proves thats not true”.
Thanks Jodi DiPiazza and Katy Perry